AP Fuel Merchant Pty Ltd


Run a restaurant, pub or club? Speak to us about our brand new range of flavoured woods, hardwoods and charcoals tailored to your restaurant's needs.

Flavoured woods and hardwoods for restaurants

As well as our quality hardwoods such as Red Gum and Yellow Box, ideal fuel for commercial cookers such as pizza ovens, we now offer 3 specialist flavoured blends for demanding chefs. 1: Apple, Cherry & Mesquite 2: Mesquite & Alder 3: Mesquite & Hickory. Hickory smoking chips also available. Contact us for bulk rates.

Charcoal for restaurant grilling

Charcoal comes in many varieties such as large and small lump, mallee and briquette styles. It is ideal in restaurant situations for its controllable cooking and limited smoke production, is easily transported and stored. Contact us for bulk rates for all your charcoal cooking needs.