AP Fuel Merchant Pty Ltd


From the backyard barbie to commercial wood-fired ovens, our extensive range of firewood and fuels includes red gum, yellow box, kindling, charcoal and briquettes, in quantities to suit.

Red Gum Splits

Talk to us about your Red Gum needs. We can customise orders, split to suit, and arrange delivery for any quantity.

Red Gum 15kg

Half split Red Gum, length approx 30cm. Ideal for fireplaces, pot bellies, chimineas, wood pizza ovens.

Yellow Box 20kg

Half split Yellow Box, length approx 30cm. Packaged for extra convenience in 20kg bags.

Kindling 5kg

Available in both 5 and 10kg bags for easy handling. Finely split, ideal for fire starting. Length approx 30cm.

Boxed charcoal 10kg

Charcoal briquettes, perfect for barbecues.

Charcoal 5kg

Handy size carry bag, ideal for domestic barbecues and small stoves.

Bagged Charcoal

Perfect for barbecuing, suitable for domestic and commercial use. Inner plastic liner keeps contents secure. Available as large lump, small lump and mallee charcoal.




Heat Beads 4kg BBQ Briquettes

Smaller 4kg bag size to keep alongside your portable barbecue.